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Facebook to launch satellite in 2019 in first test of possible broadband network.

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Fake Microsoft domain was tied to attacks this year against congressional campaigns.

Sean Gallagher

FCC starts public interest review—petitions to deny merger must be in by Aug. 27.

Cloud division up a whopping 23 percent, year on year.

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MoneyTaker strikes again.

Dan Goodin

Fox preferred to sell to Disney, and Comcast (eventually) took the hint.

IAI's Rotem UAS can act as an eye in the sky—and as death from above.

The retail giant wants to offer video streaming at a more accessible price point.

Valentina Palladino

* Some restrictions apply.

LuminosityLink was sold and supported online by defendant and his affiliates.

The March 2017 theft of plutonium and cesium is only now coming to light.

Remaining stores were still pulling a profit until their last gasp.

Sam Machkovech

Democrats want FTC probe of privacy policies and practices of smart TV makers.

Installed hacked versions of Telegram, WhatsApp, and tracked users' location and SMS.

Site isolation is designed to prevent the theft of passwords or other sensitive data.

Looking behind the scenes of League of Legends with its lead designer

Riot Games' Greg Street explains some mysteries of one of the world's most-played games.

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It's time for Dell to say how scammers got serial numbers and other customer data.

Hacker who offered Air Force, Army docs claimed to have exploited known Netgear FTP flaw.

Coal's demise can't be stopped, but US will still increase carbon emissions.

Megan Geuss

Would integrate with Microsoft Office, email and prevent sharing of sensitive documents.

Apple fixed the denial-of-service flaw in update released Monday.

This isn't the IP camera software you think it is.

Reddit declined to confirm why suspension was enforced; came shortly after reveal of DMs.

Processors using licensed x86 IP could have implications for trade war, national security.

ATT warns HBO employees of a "tough" first year under ATT ownership.

Adoption Implementation News

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-Holzer Health System recently went live with an athenahealth EHR system that includes practice management and patient engagement solutions for improved clinical efficiency.

According to health system officials, the athenahealth EHR will replace an old, less efficient health IT system to enable more advanced patient care delivery.

“As technology in the medical industry continues to evolve, Holzer is proud to offer these advancements for our communities,” said Holzer Health System CEO Michael Canady, MD. “Our organization will continue to provide excellent service, every time for our friends, family members, and loved ones who receive care at our facilities.”

The fully-integrated athenaOne system will help to streamline patient diagnoses, treatment plan administration and management, and prescription ordering for providers.

“Holzer’s new EHR system removes unnecessary processes, allowing providers and clinical team members more quality time with patients and visitors,” stated Holzer Health System CMO Rodney Stout, MD. “We are excited to move forward with this development that will enhance our patients’ and visitors’ experience within our health system.”

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Holzer employees have received comprehensive EHR training to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. In some cases, poor EHR training can contribute to billing problems and conflict between hospital management and staff.

As part of the EHR implementation, Holzer patients will gain access to the athenahealth patient portal for online appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and secure provider messaging.

“Holzer Health System is proud to continue growth of our services for our communities, and looks forward to a bright future,” stated Holzer Health System officials.

“Our health system provides unparalleled access to leading technology, right here at home. With all our employees, providers and high-level services, the Holzer family’s mission to achieve patient-centered excellence will continue to thrive,” officials concluded.

United Arab Emirates hospital launches Cerner EHR Implementation

Mubadala Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently went live with a Cerner EHR implementation at its Healthpoint facility.

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“We are pleased to be one of the first hospitals in the Middle East to upgrade our health information system with the latest Cerner software,” said Healthpoint Abu Dhabi CEO Jose Lopez, MD.

Investigating the promises, practices, and pedagogies of maker-centered learning

By David Gauntlett, 2011 While published back in 2011, it wasn’t until this past summer that we discovered David Gauntlett’s Making is Connecting: The Social Meaning of Creativity from DIY and Knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0 . While many maker education texts connect maker-centered learning to STEM outcomes, or argue that making will become the driver of thenext industrial revolution, Gauntlett makes a deep correlation between making and the act of what is known as little c or every day creativity. The author then takes a social approach to creativity arguing for the various forms of connectivity inherent in making experiences. More specifically, in his introduction Gauntlett makes the case that making is connecting in three unique ways:

By David Gauntlett, 2011

• Making is connecting because you have to connect things together (materials, ideas, or both) to make something new;

• Making is connecting because acts of creativity usually involve, at some point, a social dimension and connect us with other people;

• Making is connecting because through making things and sharing them in the world, we increase our engagement and connection with our social and physical environments. (p. 2)

Different from most maker-centered education texts we’ve encountered, Gauntlett takes a more historical approachtowards discussing the concept of making. The academically minded reader will appreciate how Gauntlett situates making within a philosophical landscape, and then peppers his discussion of making with poignant references to theory and literature.

To begin, Gauntlett roots the historical origins of making in the crafting movement. Interestingly, Gauntlett notes that a focus on the importance of craft arose in opposition to the arts, wherein the arts were seen as the high embodiment of transformative ideas (creativity) while craft “ends up indicating the less prestigious production of carvings and pots, by less creative people who just like making carvings or pots” (p. 23). Pushing back on the elitism associated with the arts, Gauntlett argues to

reject the positioning of “art” as superior, and instead to regard its stance as unnecessarily pretentious and exclusive, and therefore rather silly, in comparison to the more earthy, engaged spirit of craft. (p. 23)

From here, Gauntlett makes a procedural case for the thinking that arises through the act of making, as opposed to the thinking that presumably takes place before an artist engages his or her materials. Referencing Richard Sennett’s book The Craftsman , Gauntlett suggests that

thinking and making are aspects of one unified process. The craftsperson does not do the thinking and then move on to the mechanical act of making: on the contrary, making is part of thinking, and . . . feeling; and thinking and feeling are part of making. (p. 23)

Today, flexible circuits which are also variously known around the world variously as flexible printed wiring, flex print, flexi circuits, are used many products. Large credit is due to the efforts of Japanese electronics packaging engineers who have found countless new ways to employ flexible circuit technology. For the last decade, flexible circuits have remained one of the fastest growing of all interconnection product market segments. A more recent variation on flexible circuit technology is one called "flexible electronics" which commonly involves the integration of both active and passive functions in the processing.

There are a few basic constructions of flexible circuits but there is significant variation between the different types in terms of their construction. Following is a review of the most common types of flexible circuit constructions

Single-sided flexible circuits have a single conductor layer made of either a metal or conductive (metal filled) polymer on a flexible dielectric film. Component termination features are accessible only from one side. Holes may be formed in the base film to allow component leads to pass through for interconnection, normally by soldering . Single sided flex circuits can be fabricated with or without such protective coatings as cover layers or cover coats, however the use of a Outlet Choice Callie ALine Virgin Wool Mini Skirt Rta Amazing Price Latest For Sale Low Price Fee Shipping Sale Online Ebay Cheap Online UnOZM
over circuits is the most common practice. The development of surface mounted devices on sputtered conductive films has enabled the production of transparent LED Films, which is used in LED Glass but also in flexible automotive lighting composites .

Double access flex, also known as back bared flex, are flexible circuits having a single conductor layer but which is processed so as to allow access to selected features of the conductor pattern from both sides. While this type of circuit has certain benefits, the specialized processing requirements for accessing the features limits its use.

Sculptured flex circuits are a novel subset of normal flexible circuit structures. The manufacturing process involves a special flex circuit multi-step etching method which yields a flexible circuit having finished Zadig amp; Voltaire Cashmere Knit Sweater Lowest Price Cheap Sale Cost Fast Delivery Cheap Online MT795r
conductors wherein the thickness of the conductor differs at various places along their length. (i.e., the conductors are thin in flexible areas and thick at interconnection points.).

Double-sided flex circuits are flex circuits having two conductor layers. These flex circuits can be fabricated with or without plated through holes , though the plated through hole variation is much more common. When constructed without plated through holes and connection features are accessed from one side only, the circuit is defined as a "Type V (5)" according to military specifications. It is not a common practice but it is an option. Because of the plated through hole, terminations for electronic components are provided for on both sides of the circuit, thus allowing components to be placed on either side. Depending on design requirements, double-sided flex circuits can be fabricated with protective coverlayers on one, both or neither side of the completed circuit but are most commonly produced with the protective layer on both sides. One major advantage of this type of substrate is that it allows crossover connections to be made very easy. Many single sided circuits are built on a double sided substrate just because they have one of two crossover connections. An example of this use is the circuit connecting a mousepad to the motherboard of a laptop. All connections on that circuit are located on only one side of the substrate, except a very small crossover connection which uses the second side of the substrate.

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